Disordered eating skyrocketed during COVID lockdown, then many people destabilised again as lockdown lifted.
Binge eating disorder sometimes feels like the most overlooked of eating disorder diagnoses. Worse – it can be overlooked by people in healthcare treatment positions, including doctors, dietitians, even psychologists. Part of the issue is that a great many people who have binge eating disorder don’t realise it’s a disorder at all, or that they can ask for help.
We love the concept of intuitive eating at Bloom Nutrition – in a sense, it is the opposite of disordered eating. When engaged with authentically, intuitive eating is calm, flexible eating that is guided by the body. Unfortunately, the flip side of intuitive eating being popular on the internet is that it’s led some people to use the phrase to catch people’s attention… even if they’re not actually describing true intuitive eating.
At Bloom Nutrition we love a bit of mindful meditation! Why? Because so many of our clients have anxiety, especially around meal times. Growing evidence supports mindful meditation as being helpful in managing a range of disorders, including depression, anxiety, and even chronic pain.

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