Frequently asked questions

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

No, you can just make an appointment. That said, you might be eligible for a Medicare rebate if you go to your GP first and discuss this with them.

If you have an eating disorder, we ask that you provide details of a GP we can contact and handover to if need be, so that we can provide optimal care.

How much does it cost?

The initial consultation lasts 75 minutes and cost $185 with Claire, or $165 with Jessica.

Then, follow-up consults for disordered or emotional eating are usually 1 hour long and cost $165 with Claire, or $145 with Jessica.

For health issues like general healthy eating, diabetes or PCOS, 30 minute follow-up consultations are the norm, which cost $85 with Claire, or $65 with Jessica.

Are dietetic sessions covered by Medicare

Yes, with the right referral form. Your GP may provide you with a referral form which will allow you to claim a rebate from Medicare after the session. Specifically, the forms that give you a Medicare rebate are: the referral form titled “Individual Allied Health Services Under Medicare” (formerly known as the “EPC” form), and the “Eating Disorders Care Plan” form. The Medicare rebate for a dietetic consultation is $54, which will be paid into your bank account directly by Medicare. This usually takes a few days to process, at most, and we can put the claim through on your behalf.

Can I claim back the cost of my consult from my healthcare fund

This depends on which healthcare fund you use, and the level of cover you have. Most cover at least some of the consult cost. You might want to check ahead of time whether your fund covers telehealth sessions as well as face to face, as this is quite variable at the moment.

Will you give me a really proscriptive meal plan? I hate those, I can never follow them

No! That’s not how we work! In fact, it undermines a big part of what we're trying to achieve – which is to promote flexibility in eating, and to empower people so they can make good decisions around what and how much to eat. We do this not through adding more “food rules”, but through enhancing knowledge of balanced eating, portion sizes, and appetite signalling.

Do you offer Telehealth consultations

Yes! Bloom Nutrition offers telehealth consults (delivered via computer or phone). You still work one on one with your dietitian, the information covered is the same, and the outcomes are just as good as working face to face.

Can I still claim the Medicare rebate for an online Telehealth session if I have one of the eligible referral forms from my GP

Yes you can!

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